Return Man 7 AKA Linebacker 2

Return Man 7 isn’t much different from other football games out there, when you look at the basics of course. It is all about taking down the toughest blockers and cutting off the running back before he turns you into a sore loser. Sounds simple right? Especially when you are sitting in front of your screen eager to get your ‘game’ on.

Return Man 7Instructions
Once in the field you need to be balancing two very essential objectives; first go through the blockers successfully and secondly make sure the running back doesn’t make a touchdown. What will happen if you don’t accomplish this is that you’ll lose a defensive stand. If you lose four of these you are a goner. The good thing is that after you lose the game you don’t have to start from scratch, your progress is saved.

Game controls
If you played Linebacker 2(AKA Return Man 7) first version of this spectacular game, then it’s easier for you since the controls remain the same. But for the novices the controls are as follows:

· I, J, K and L- these keys are used to move your linebacker in your desired direction which means any. I is for running up the field, J is for running to the left, K is for running down the field and L is for running to the right (these controls are default they may be changed to W, A, S and D)

· The space-bar- this key is used to dive tackle the opponent’s running back by your player

Special Moves
Apart from the normal controls there are special moves in this new version of the game. But to have them you have to earn it by unlocking certain stages of the game. There are three special moves in this game:

· Bull Rush – This can only be unlocked in stage 2 of the game. It can be activated by key A after it has been unlocked.

· Throw Down – This is unlocked in stage 6 of the game. It can be activated by key S after it has been unlocked.

· Shuck – This is unlocked in stage 9 of the game. It can be activated by key D after it has been unlocked

Just as its predecessor Linebacker 2 has 15 stages that you have to complete and they are both fun and informative to improve your strategy. In each stage there are 3 levels you need to complete successfully in order to advance to the next stage.

Play Return Man 7 AKA Linebacker 2

Compared to its competitors, Return Man 7 is a winner if you are a novice or an expert in it. This should encourage you to try it and have fun while you are at it. Be a football star!